When it Comes to Nutrition, Does One Size Fit All?

Through the years most people have taken off the shelf vitamins in their search for better health.  Some have experienced various degrees of results from vitamins, while others have not.

The question is when it comes to nutrition does one size fit all? And if not, how do we determine what vitamins and nutrients we each individually need based on who we uniquely are? Should a 17 year old female athlete take the same off the shelf vitamins and nutrients as a 70 year old grandfather? How do we objectively take into account our age, genetics, sex, lifestyle, stress levels, physical condition, allergies, where we live, health conditions, medications… to effectively dial in what nutritional support our body requires to achieve optimum health and wellness?

The Future of Health & Wellness

Because they understand that no two people are alike, after 18 years of development, a group of scientists and doctors developed a program to take the guesswork out of deciding what nutritional requirements each of us uniquely needs. This extensive scientific technology has been harnessed by IDLife to provide a fully personalized HIPAA compliant nutrition platform that is based on a proprietary ID Assessment along with an optional DNA Report from Molecular Testing Labs (https://moleculartestinglabs.com).  This DNA Report empowers us to optimize our diet, nutritionals, and exercise program.

The IDLife platform provides personalized nutritional recommendations based on responses to the ID Assessment. The assessment incorporates over 5,470 algorithms that yield 1.5 million potential results that are tied to scientific/medical studies. From your Assessment answers, the program produces a comprehensive Health Report, your ID Health Score, and IDNutrition recommendations that connect your nutritional requirements to peer reviewed scientific studies. The IDNutrition delivers personalized pharmaceutical grade nutrition, with your name on it, directly to your door. The result is a program that is revolutionizing the health and wellness industry.

To take your complementary ID Assessment, go to https://mywellnessclinic.idlife.com/ (Click on Download Full Health Report and print).

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